Autoblog is the standard in automated posting to WordPress from RSS feeds. Tried, tested and proven over years of development this easy-to-use plugin can be set-up in minutes.

Just copy and paste in your feed URL, give it a name of your choosing (for admin purposes) and select a blog that you want it to post to. It’s that simple to set up!

With loads of options and add-ons for customization you have all the power and flexibility you need.

Features and Options for Autoblog include:

  • Choose if you want new posts to be published straight away, pending review or as drafts
  • Select any author from your Multisite network
  • Assign posts to categories and / or apply tags to them and / or import post tags with the post
  • Filter posts that are included or excluded based on keywords or phrases
  • Use excerpts (number of words configurable) or whole posts and choose what link (if any) you want to give to the original source
  • Select how often you want Autoblog to check for posts